Payment options

To be able to offer our customers maximum service, we have numerous payment options available for you. This gives you free choice as to how you wish to purchase the products.

1. Payment in advance payment/Bank transfer

Purchase products in the shop and pay the classical way. You transfer the purchase amount to our bank account in advance and we will process your order as soon as we have received your payment.

2. Credit card

Convenient and proven: Using your credit card (VISA, American Express or Mastercard) you can purchase your products in our shop and pay for them in the tried and proven manner. The data are transferred via a protected 128-bit SSL encryption. Your order can then be processed shortly afterwards. The amount is only deducted upon shipment of the goods.

3. PayPal

Paypal offers you a secure, fast and simple option of being able to purchase your products in our shop. You can pay for your order very comfortably via your already existing Paypal account. In the normal case we receive a payment confirmation from PayPal within a very short period and can then process your order promptly.

4. Invoice

As a registered customer, you have the option of ordering goods on invoice in our shop. You will then receive your goods incl. invoice. You can then transfer the amounts due quite simply and conveniently.